Let’s start with this one.  I love (or shall I say “lurved”) Marc Jacobs much like the next girl.   Pop….snapple…POP in my face.  The West Village is turning into Mark-Town in an not-so-cool way. My brother; don’t you have enough shops?   Just days ago, I dropped in my favorite constant, The Biography Bookshop (400 Bleecker St., New York, NY 10014) where one often peddles around, digging for discounted treasures. A place where locals and knowledgable staff talk. Just don’t mention about the “cupcake bakery”, please.  upon seeing the window sign about a relocation, i asked what, is  Marc Jacobs moving in here now?  the answer: YES!  please MJ, please, leave a treasure in the neighborhood. Yes, MJ, you are breaking my heart but at least, the Biography survives, moving down the block; 266 Bleecker Street close to Murray’s cheese.