and you to can own this shirt. photo: kbd

Yes, it’s true.  I lived on Spring Street + Bowery for many years. Perhaps the only legit place to wear a shirt rendering “the Bowery” was from across the street, next door to Sweet and V on Spring Street.  That small storefront had LIMITED stock on hand.  Were they even open much?  NAH. Who are they?  In grand new, New York fashion; I need their name (SUPRLUS?) spelled.  IT DOES NOT MATTER, of course, they have since moved.  Now, the beloved Bowery shirt is worn and produced by the masses these days (the attached photograph from John Varvatos is yours for $125). Check out your local Target, Dillards, and Saks. Via this photo…you can roll by the shoppe, which since housed the former CBGB in a grand homage to punk (see NYT article This Ain’t No Nightclub (at Least Not Anymore). It’s safe for me to say, most who don the JV shirt will have never stood foot on the Bowery, lived to throw down at the punk garage. Those who wear it can safely walk to Whole Foods and blanket themselves at one of the $500 plus night hotels…a la the Bowery Hotel.


Yes, my Midwest mother walked the Bowery…not too happy at the time via dirty New York, but she walked it. Reluctantly but with determination.

We all did.

Yes, Sweet.