where the poets once conjured

Familiar with the phrase, “Let’s 69 this place?” Yup, that is pretty much vintage old school…the ole’ speakeasy term. Think and rest easy writers, poets, drinkers.

Thanks to my brother-in-law, vintage New Yorker who got out when the gettin’ was good just recalled Chumleys (86 Bedford St., New York, NY 10014).  Wow, what a great place.

GOOD LORD; REMEMBER CHUMLEYS? Sawdust floors, really old Labs who roam the place, great lighting, good beer, the place smells old and older.  rather, CLOSED (STILL CLOSED). the yuppies invaded and scattered away the people who once minded their own. Recollection: hamburger on english muffin and lab pint.

Perhaps the old building will be demolished.  Maybe the good union READ: LANDLORD will have it fixed up in no time.  Tips…they’re always welcome.  but it looks a long road: state of chumley affairs