storefront @ the magnolia (photo: Cinzia Reale-Castello)

Upon reflection of biography books, I can only think about the old magnolia bakery, the cute little cupcake shop in the West Village offering free smells of sugar and butter. Now, thanks to the storied Sex in the City episode where Carrie professes new love to Miranda…

Sex and the City Bus Tours…the line wraps around the block like a worm. Tourists pay $40 to hit the Sex and the City hotspots on a 3.5 hour tour.  The crowd is hell bent on those cupcakes; so much so, they probably don’t notice the charming heart of the West Village.  Let them clear out…quickly.  They just want back on that bus to head to the next spot; perhaps for a watered down $10 Cosmo.  The West Village residents are probably used to the said masses but cannot be thrilled.  Oh well, the satellites are out there… Upper West, Magnolia duex is all yours now. (image: Cinzia Reale-Castello)