I realize I’m going heavy on the eateries right now, but hey, that was a big part of my love for New York.  Okay, the hipster haunt, cafe Habana where locals could still sneak in early for a Cafe Con Leche and Molettes. Last week, we hit the small “it looks like a trailer” spot where I spotted three different families with Lonely Planet guidebooks promising the taste of magic corn (hey, you can take it to go)

the bana (Photo by Andrew Karcie)

One guidebook family ordered pancakes; others look confused.  The sultry wait staff still had that look but I missed my old friends, when they knew me.  Maybe an ego check, but at Habana, although the food is still good, they want you in and out that door because the next lonely planet book needs to a seat. (image: Andrew Karcie)