We recently stayed at the The Standard (pre the nude peep shows via floor to ceiling windows press blitz).  While the views, we faced downtown NYC, were among the best I’ve seen, the hotel felt like a small city.  Perhaps this is the architecture of the place, positioned stage west and the slanted structure virtually sitting alone and towering above the high line, which brings about a distance from the city.  When staying at any hotel, I would happily venture to all local haunts and past favorites while checking out the new joints. Be outside.  Free myself of the small confines.  Still, yet, we didn’t get out of the hotel much.  We insisted friends meet up with us; promising good views and a quick stroll on The High Line.

room with a view.

It’s all there.  Why would you ever leave?  You sway.  Hey, Pastis is just up the block but the Standard Grill is good (albeit slow service) and you can linger a bit longer (hey, you’re a guest).  Plus, the views are just too damn good.  I used to want to get out into the city, feel the energy.  Now the energy shift is at hotels where the crowd is as hip and energetic worthy as a cab ride to a mainstay.  Perhaps, it’s called being lazy.

Yes, I’m certain this little standard city has it’s own standard zip code.