the end of the game by peter beard

Sadly (very sadly)…I cannot find a snap of the 476 Broome Street where The Time is Always Now resided.  This was one of my all time favorite stops for various reasons, the first being; you never knew what was going to happen.  Count the time my sister was dressed head to toe in a silver space suit and pushed down an enormous red slide (from the first floor to the basement) to where we visited the artist Victor Hayden  (it’s hard to be certain if that’s his real name) in a small sub-basement closet where he was working on his faceless figures. And  Peter Tunney‘s insane, contagious energy often followed by a jaunt over to Downtown Cipriani.  The parties with tiny White Castle burgers in a carnivorous space, Trace magazine parties, cigars and teepees.

And of course, being surrounded by the work of Peter Beard; his journals, blood smeared photographs, naked model shoots, musings on Nairobi.  His work continues…it just doesn’t have the edge of layout because it was housed in such a special place with a fun, infectious curator.  A massive RIP or “End of the Game” for the Peter Beard/SoHo gallery.