The store and magazine I loved to hate and hated to love. You can still catch their nastiness @ Viceland cept’ now they charge $30 for the RX. Gee, the old days were fun. Every month you used to pick it up at their storefront on Lafayette; where today a pricey vintage shop sits. I used to write nasty editorial bits on their pieces a la the Dead Rat Issue and Who is Erik Lavoie? They bit back and it was funny.  The foam trucker hats and hipster followers of Vice were easy to pluck from a crowd (prompting one of my Spring Street friends to don “Foam Free in ’03” stickers).

the visceral who is erik lavoie issue.

Plucked from their own (Vice) site: “What started out as a few Montreal drug addicts scamming welfare make-work programs back in 1994 has become a global empire of hedonism known simply as VICE. From a 16-page newspaper about punk bands and violence to stores, a clothing line, VICE Films, VICE TV, VICE Records,, etc., VICE has become much more than a way for three guys to get laid. It’s become a lifestyle of sex and drugs and rock and roll and death.”


Flash-forward: It’s as if the boys who started a movement have now sold out to subscriptions + real interviews a la Radar.  Maybe they just left the downtown New York scene because it was without a scene.

Now the hipsters almost seem to be missing…although many are still hiding out along the streets of the Lower East Side.