hey; where did all the other great (young, talented, hip, fun) fashion creative minds run to?

Prudence Dalia Coat

Something else (beyond the food scene) is on my mind today (perhaps after viewing the September Issue).  I miss young New York talent –other than what glossy magazines chose to make popular.  Case and point with off-the cuff shoes (boots and crazy heels) designer  Ashley Dearborn and my favorite red winter coat from Prudence Clothing.  Even, Hollywould shuttered her NoLita Store for “travel” (cuz she’s writing a diary, cats).  These shutterings were not due to lack of press.  On the contrary.  The buzz kill here is both Ashley and Prudence were featured in Vogue along with other outlets a la Daily Candy.  Again, this goes with my thinking of talented artists being sidelined (monetarily speaking) due to cost of production and advertising and running a company.  Real talent left behind for mass market crap we’ve all seen before.