camp, style, humour…downtown mischief…the old new york.

Wow; an oldie and goodie. Jeez, I would travel from 57th street (via the 9 train) on lunch break just going on sheer love for the times.  Great margs and campy digs; insane rock shrimp tacos.

The architecture paid homage to Antoni Gaudi and the Statue of Liberty crown (seen in the front end credits to Saturday Night Live) which weighed a whopping 2500 tons.  What a beauty.  This site is not to beat a dead horse, I LOVE New York (still) although I must point out the places that made the city the city and kept things unique and special.  Everyone loves their stand-bys…think if your favorite Chinese delivery closed.

That is what happened when Teddy’s died.
So long, friend.