Store Front: James &  Karla Murray

Store Front: James & Karla Murray

Apparently, I’m not the only one who feels the vacancy and vanishing act of the old, New York.  This was sent to me by a Portland turned New Yorker, who provided the site to Clic Gallery (255 Centre Street, below Broome) founded by Calypso‘s Christiane Celle.  Hats off.

The New Yorker points out:

A book of the images came out in April, and earned a rave review in Briefly Noted:

These unfussy, elegant, and richly colored photographs of butcher shops, bakeries, fabric wholesalers, cuchifritos stands, stationery and sporting-goods stores, laundromats, groceries, and dive bars give connoisseurs of signage, folk typography, and ambient erosion much to pore over.

Do you have images of the older store fronts? If so, send my way. Let’s post ’em and show ’em.