from 8 to 18 miles of books. no Kindles, please.

the strand circa 1938. image:

It’s true…everyone has their favorite bookstore, a place to hang on that rainy day or killin’ time…  Every New York trip (as a resident or visitor) takes me to magical The Strand…every trip. For hours.  The smell.

I first hit the “local” New York section (a thin little section), stroll over to fiction and off to the food section where special discoveries await.

Once, I’ve smelled the pages and thumbed through the text, I head upstairs to the art section, usually looking for a Peter Beard; this time I might strike luck with his new Taschen Deluxe Diaries…Yow. And a whopping $25 off the cover price.  Do I really  need it?  I have soooo many books.  Yes, that is great.  You get lost in the world of old and new books.  A place where the floorboards creek and the rows of books live on.

A place where old and new, New Yorkers meet.