new york.


Over my recent sojourn, I considered my many grievances re: the new, new york. This bothers me…oh, that’s too bad. Yet, one cannot always be a  down head. No. I set myself to think about the good old days.  Yes, I would think about the memories and what once inspired.  Thus, over the next few days, I will delve into what I still loved… simply because it did NOT threaten to change.

This doesn’t mean I’m going to stop digressing about the change (and this includes my rebuttal of Frank Bruni‘s recent banner review of Manetta Tavern) Um three stars?


Yes, I love Keith McNally but this was over-rated in my world (and critics of his ilk are usually gospel).  Yet, sometimes one needs to recall what made them love a city to begin with.

outside pastis ...breakfast. image by KBD.

outside pastis ...breakfast. image by KBD.

So I begin…in no particular order. Balthazar and Pastis; my perennial favorites whether it be a table for one–shrimp cocktail, arugula salad and glass of blush or a platter of oysters, bar steak and glass of red.  It’s the same, old KM and the same old standbys.  Warm lighting and always boisterous. I always collect the matches, postcards and most importantly, memories of great meals with friends.