I walk a thin wire writing about this because i know many DJ’s and many show up, throw down their tracks and are genuinely talented individuals.  They spin their hearts out, playing what they love and playing what the crowd loves more. Many gigs are on the side as these dj’s have  day jobs and keep routine livelihoods. 

It’s the other not-quite-a-DJ assortment…think of those with driver’s permit, who really shouldn’t be driving. It’s this mentailty which deeply irks.

 I can count them on a finger…from those of the “celebrity sister” to the hipster dipster twins who take turns on the table., the ronson girl…that is just usually, the music is of the over-cooked, heard this a million times before and a bit over pop-culture-ized.  they get big money for lame gigs while the crowd attempts to get close to their booth.  Hmph.

Primarily the DJ thing falls under the annoying category; aren’t we all our own DJ’s? Someone should check my brother’s I Pod; his mix was the hit of my wedding. Anyone on Pandora?  Again, this is not the high, esoteric level of talent…about the mixing of sasha and digweed (yes, today, i’m stuck in that genre of the limelight) but about the extreme old school-ness of DJj’ing as an art form over an oversaturated market of poseurs.