October 7th, 2009. The adventures of the D-Girl Diary. Today, a new excerpt, a small tingling of what is to come from the D-Girl every Wednesday on i loved new york. i know…i know…im a lucky duck even though sometimes it ain’t pretty. and yes, everything is relative to New York. (read on below)


Okay, I will admit I have a few regrets.  It’s possible, possible I say, not definite, I burned a few bridges out here.  It’s possible I got out a gasoline can, planted dynamite, and burned those freaking bridges to the ground.  It’s amazing to me the selective memories of Hollywood people!  Nobody out here can remember who won last year’s Academy Awards, but they all remember little D-Girl and her trail of lost jobs and broken friendships.  Suddenly New York City seems warm and friendly and I miss the fact that nobody there cares about me at all.  Seeing the look on Sarah’s face when I ran into her at Boulevard even made me miss watching the Twin Towers crash to the ground from my window as I sat in the Famous Actress’ production office that morning.  I regret outing Streets’ small penis in a magazine that went out free with every issue of Variety that day, I regret not suing my ex-boss for sexual harassment, and I regret sucking the life out of all my relationships… But Hollywood changes you, it makes you talk too much, sleep around and not sleep, and we are all vampires making bad movies, all of us, not just little D-Girl and her gasoline can and her trail of dead d-people.

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