the migration...west. image via

The entertainment industry always shifts its loyalty; the old addage sink or swim baby. This applies to NYC and LA.  This fall television, especially that of this season’s fashion programming a la  Bravo and Lifetime Network takes the stance…it’s ALL about Los Angeles.

tim gunn in gulp...flip flops. what next?

CASE NO 1: The movement of Heidi Klum’s Project Runway from the New York City mean streets (the elements, baby) to that of the warm sandy beaches signals the old saying… “Go WEST young one.” I almost slapped my face (twice) to see Tim Gunn in his leisure suit complete with peek-a-boo flip flops and the ever-LA’ish Lindsay Lohan and Rebecca Romijn.    It seems Michael Kors is keeping some distance, hey; SOME people do have a job back in New York.

CASE NO 2: The Rachel Zoe Project. Her tepid, white-hair flamed assistant Taylor hates New York and even felt empowered to drop the bomb…she may NEVER come back again.  (Gasp…collective ohhhss and ahhhhss). Sure makes you miss the days of dialogue coaches. Never say never as she was seen in the last episode with “RZ” in the offices of QVC (this is a separate discussion altogether). It’s New York Magazine to the comedic rescue on the RZ Season 2in Amy Odell’s hi-larious. The Cut.