a warm old fave; GONE. photo by Yun Cee Ng

Nothing could help me recall the numerous times of stumbling into Double Happiness on Mott Street (between Broome and Grand).  In 1998, I thought I was going underground never to emerge from the subterranean vibe of red and what once housed an old mafia pit.  It was a sea of dark red, cracked floors and a handsome crowd. Everyone has their Double Happiness story(s).  Sure, you had to wean past the hipsters and white haired fashionistas with tattoos on the nape of their neck, but you always had a good time.  Both the Girl AND the Lady with the Dragon Tattoo probably drank here.

The buzz is gone made for a buzz kill.

In its space, The Mott now sits, where the first chef has already bounced to make room for another.  The milieu; cozy, menu looks okay but I don’t have information on what it’s about… do you?

photo: Yun Cee Ng