remember the garden? the curve of the bar? the warm lighting? the vintage signing and cool match books?  A cozy spot for a hot toddy on a bitter cold New York day. Or a hamburger and pint.  M&R Bar tried to resurrect on the Bowery as a cellar.  I never thought it picked up the vibes of the old place (closed in 2003).  Now the resurrected has also perished.

elizabeth street signage. image: urban75

Treats for Jimmy? I’m still a fan of the KC startup (gone widespread) Three Dog Bakery who rocks out natural ingredients in a true bakery setting.  Always loved the Holden Bent Plywood Dog Bowls (he also rocks a bent plywood cat scratcher.

My friend Kim turned me on to these Wool Dog Toys a la Beignet the Bunny Boiled Wool Dog Toy RX: “Named both for a customer’s dog and for Cafe Du Monde’s mouth-watering fried fritters, this floppy eared, comical hare is both eco-friendly and safe. Constructed from boiled wool and all-natural dyes, Beignet is perfect for a game of fetch or a between-the- paws teething session. A Cheerful Pet is a company with a conscience, donating a portion of their profits to benefit an orphanage in Nepal.”