the still-warm, stylish Mercer.

look, im all for the chic, unique look of botique hotels. Although upon close inspection, I’ve noticed some outdated jammies. 60 Thom (carpet is a tad dirty, pillows are like pancakes) and the SoHo Grand and the Martitime (they didn’t even have I Pod docks when I was there) seem outdated. I won’t even go the way of the Gansevoort (imagine holding a black light up in a room).  Even the magentic Mercer Hotel feels like a cozy old library (i’m not saying to renovate) although the cafe a top needs menu help (including the $20 glass of champs).

your guest room @ the Crosby.

The Glut is killing me and it’s hard to stay together. The emerging hotels of 1)Crosby Street Hotel, 2) Greenwich Hotel 3)The Bowery Hotel, 3) The Ace Hotel, 4) Thompson LES and OF COURSE, lest we forget, the Standard (although wait until their white walls get the city muck) have left me feeling like I dont have that one spot to call home (while traveling and not wanting to put friends out for more than 3 days).

Perhaps they’re just too many choices (re-read my post on zipcode worthy hotels). No doubt, one to fit everyone’s design persona and checkbook. Not to mention, you have to hit all the eateries which goes along with my theory one NEVER leaves their hotels anymore, although after glancing at the photo gallery, I probably wouldn’t leave the Greenwich Hotel Suite either. Cozy winter spot, no?

(image one: the still-warm, stylish Mercer.  image two: your guest room @ the Crosby)