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Off the cuff links of Kimmel’s posting, it’s only suitable to talk about a great ole Irish joint called McHale’s where many a frosty mug and many a delicious, plump bacon hamburger were devoured.  It dawned on me only today, it’s been shuttered since 2005.  It was one of the first places I ate a “New York burger” and if there was such a burger, this was in the top 3.  The atmosphere was warm in the winter with the blinds tightly closed to keep out the bright sun. In fact, you left after a Saturday afternoon burger, your eyes stung from the sheer entrance onto the street (8th and 46th).  They shot a scene from Sleepers here.  It’s also where an actor or two could sneak in post Broadway show. 

What will stand can be viewed here to be complete in 2010 complete with a large parking lot. A-wesome