Hear ye! Hear ye! Hot off the press. “More Jane Jacobs, Less Marc Jacobs”

MJJ/LMJ : Graphic designer Mike Joyce

My second post on  I♥dNewYork was over my fury (and sadness) about the Biography Bookstop closing after a long run to of all people…Marc Jacobs (again, I’m a chick who digs on Marc but please don’t take the Biography!)  Tree Hugger composes an interesting article about graphic designer Mike Joyce’s “More Jane Jacobs, Less Marc Jacobs.”

Jane Jacobs 1961 treatise

One cannot help but look at Jacob’s 1961 book, the Life and Death of Great American Cities. The New York Times critic Lloyd Rodwin writes…

Mrs. Jacobs’ view is that people like to live, not just be, in such lively neighborhoods. Youngsters and elders alike need such surroundings. But she scoffs at our understanding of these requirements; for we continue to put up civic centers, low density residential areas and housing “projects” segregated by income…Worse still, the new buildings with high rents squeeze out the marginal activities, the small business man just getting a start, the colorful shop with strange and exotic waves, the little restaurants and bars, almost everything deviant, bohemian, intellectual or bizarre– in other words, all that the author believes lends spice, charm and vigor to an area. (read the full review here)

Also, Project for Public Spaces puts together a terrific piece together on her historical & biographical perspectives.

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MJJ/LMJ : Graphic designer Mike Joyce