Well this is interesting…and something I didn’t know.  The dear old NYC Government has put together an Anti Graffiti squad; like something out of a Ghostbusters movie.  What makes New York, New York with the expression and grittiness among the clean high-dolla shops is slowly dying and being painted over…in a free of charge effort spearheaded by Mayor Bloomberg.  A nice taupe colour over the artful facade of expression.  De-lightful.


The New York Times City Desk put together a nice little piece on the Removal of Graffiti Along the High Line.  In the text: “A lot of people simply don’t like graffiti — to them, it’s just litter, basically,” says Peter Sutherland, a photographer whose book of portraits of stars of the graffiti galaxy, “Autograf,” features a forward written by Revs. But “there’s people that consider graffiti like a lot of the great music that’s known to come out of New York; the best kind of bits of culture we’ve produced here in the past 25 years.”

@ 149th street does a fantastic job of documenting the history of New York City Graffiti including a host of artists and their works.