The Wednesday teaser from the D Girl.

d-girls image by artist Tashina Suzuki

There’s not enough great sushi and Mexican food in the world to make Los Angeles better than New York.  But this is where my career is, and my ex-boyfriend isn’t. I’m stuck here.  I had three interviews last week, but I wonder if I have a chance at any high-profile assistant job once people start checking my references.  My new best friend at the placement agency didn’t seem to mind that I have a checkered past, she found it endearing, but she isn’t the one doing the hiring.  I was resistant to another development job at first, not wanting to ingratiate myself to those that despise me, but desperation has me considering it.  On Monday, I got an email from a man who was our studio executive when I was at the Big Action Company.  “Come see me”.  So I went in yesterday.  They need a junior executive, it’s a mini studio, right near my old bungalow.  We talked about the job, and then he said he was going to bring in the woman who was to be my new boss.  The minute I see her, my stomach hurts.  She’s the ex-girlfriend of my old Boss who sexually harassed me, pregnant now, and married to another guy, but I can see from the terror in her eyes that she recognizes me, and there is no way I am getting this job.


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