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I Loved the Liquor Store.

It’s always tragic when a great bar shutters it doors. Even more so when it is taken over by a clothing chain that tries to capitalize on the bar’s unique traits and co-opt them for the purpose of mass marketing overpriced sweaters and fedoras. Such a tragedy ensued when J.Crew Tribeca took over Tribeca’s LIQUOR STORE. Apparently, the ever confusing and arbitrary liquor licensing laws were the true culprit of this hostile takeover (see the Tribeca Tribune article.)

The Liquor Store was one of those few bars that was great in every season. Cozy inside for a Guinness or scotch in the winter. Cafe tables outside to take in a perfect New York summer night with a Stoli and soda. Good for a date; good for a group of 10. I have to admit, I am personally biased. The Liquor Store was one of the many Tribeca haunts where my now-husband and baby daddy began courting each other during the summer of ’98.

Ah, well, I guess I can buy him nice tie instead of a Jameson.

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PAM ZIMMERMAN is a gold star New Yorker in every way.  I mean…she still LIVES in the city. Pam is a former theatre actress turned sharp-as-a- whip attorney.  Her “baby daddy” Michael Kimmel guest blogged right here.  Pam graduated from University of Wisconsin -Madison and is most importantly the proud mama of a baby girl best know as the Madness.

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