As we learned from the dearly departed Domino and Gourmet, those shiny gems of substance and class; it should be mentioned The New Yorker has ONLY around 1 million subscribers.  1 mill. This isn’t many friends. Why we shouldn’t worry yet (see below) it’s readership is too low.  People are missing out on a brilliant publication which has been around since 1925.  Last week, Deborah Solomon touched on the subject with Ruth Reichl in the New York Times Magazine.

DS: Did you ask him (Si Newhouse) why Condé Nast was shuttering Gourmet while keeping afloat some 18 other magazines, including Bon Appétit and such giants of intellectual life as Golf World and Golf Digest?

RR: I was so stunned, I basically just listened.

DS: Do you think he has considered closing The New Yorker?
RR: No. I would bet my life on that. I think that Si loves that magazine, and I think — this is just my opinion — it will remain untouched, and it will be there forever.

DS: Gourmet’s circulation is about the same as that of The New Yorker — you have about a million subscribers, right?

RR: I think it was more than that. It has a legendary renewal rate. They would never tell me exactly what it was. I kept asking: “What does that mean? What are you talking about?” And they just kept saying: “It’s great. People buy Gourmet forever.”

I hope the New Yorker is around forever.  I could not imagine a life without it. I love coming home to its clever front covers, writing and cartoons.  I loved reading it on the subway or late at night. SUPPORT the NEW YORKER; give it as a gift to someone as clever as you.