Well, I might have stayed at Peasant for dinner.  At this point, I’m just hungry.

If I wanted a home cooked meal that included nopales and cucumber water, I would venture to El Portal where Mom is cooking dinner. I might roll over to Old Homestead with my girl Ash after shoes for a shrimp cocktail, oysters Rockefeller and big steak fat dinner, COMPLETE with a Bill Murray sighting (I’m not trying to name drop, but this is was massive sighting due to childhood obsession with Ghostbusters).

Non-competes would fall under Lil’ Frankies or killer Italian from the Alphabet City Max with excellent red vino regional’s and huge meatballs (whoa, Max’s meat sauce).

Not gonna mention Balthazar or Pastis on this post (no favorites or link to sights!) PROGRESS!

My “man” would probably just roll me by Les Halles on Park Ave South for a big ole’ piece of beef and a glass or two of red.