AH, it’s Lunchtime. A favorite time for me.  Wow, this is a most painful exercise.

Downtown; I might stroll into Bread (pre expansion) for a Sicilian tuna salad with avocado and glass of Pinot Grigio or half a Panini with a cup of tomatoe soup.  Lunch at Parisi on Mott (to-go), a mouth-watering experience of layered turkey, Swiss and pickle on their homemade Italian bread, cut to order by the tongue-lashing Joe.  (Jimmy, you used to eat the roast beef with sun-dried tomatoes on white). After a good laugh, take the sandwich to the park on Spring Street, attempt to avoid the pigeons and indulge.  A pint and perfectly insane pie from Lombardi’s (pre- the- long-line-crowded touristic nightmare that has become NoLita …which starts around noon.

West Village. Always loved to drop by August for lunch; cozy fall/winter spot, Westville for comfort food in the form of Cobb salads, a hot dog and an iced-cold Bud bottle. You are sick of me for this, but Pastis for lunch (all that bistro fare). And, sometimes, on that rainy day, a burger, pint and fries from none other than broiled burgers from  Corner Bistro.

Midtown; During my New Line days, I would often visit Fuji Restaurant on 56th for easy going sushi and plum wine (not to mention the great Helen Gurley Brown sighting I had back in ’99), the home of the dancing shrimp, yes the Redeye Grill (usually not on my dime, do I miss the golden era or what) for raw bar and a Cobb Salad, penicillin soup from the Brooklyn Diner,  soups from Europa Cafe on 57th (and the lovely check out woman who gave us free cups of coffee) and a greasy spoon at the Moonstruck Diner.  If I had ample time, I walked down to the (now shuttered) McHale’s for that burger and beer (mentioned here).

Coming soon, post work rush snacks or drinks. Let a girl digest her culinary memories.(Image 1: image: Image 2 image: Shanna Ravindra (NYM)