It’s still early in the middle west but a girl can still dream of being out of work’s trenches and free of the day’s grip.


Ah, many good nights, I would slip into Peasant where rustic farm tables and gothic rustic chic candles burned to hear the murmur of someone’s pre IPod crazed mix, a bottle of red and a helping of the bread sticks.  The Ralph Lauren set designers couldn’t mimic this scene if they tried. Well…Maybe  across the Bowery to Loreley for a pint and a snack mate, if it still wasn’t too dark outside, a drink at the Spring Lounge (hard to believe I haven’t touched on this one yet…soon come), or over to the long wood bar of the ever-electic, fashion crowd at Sweet and Vicious where the juke box eats your money but you might not hear your song.

In fact, sometimes, you just don’t hear your song.