My favorite team since childhood (I grew up in Kansas City when the Royals and Yankees rivalry was amoung BEST IN SHOW).  Yep. Remember no. 5? George Brett and his dirt-kicking spectacle? After a few games at the Royals, pre their 85 series win against the dreaded “Red Birds,”  I traded in my KC hat for a Yanks hard hat after my Dad asked what team insignia I liked best.  I looked at the teams.  He mentioned Detroit…yep, Magnum PI looked cool.  Still does. That day, I didn’t even deliberate (very unlike me).

It’s with some trepidation that I type this; I’m superstitious and don’t want anything to blow the Yankees chances tonight at their shiny new stadium equipped with ALL those amenities…$10 hot chocolates.  Yes, I wish I were in the stadium tonight (every night).

Last year, the final year, I sat at the old Yankee Stadium with my Dad, watching the Royals play.  Miracuosly we made it over to Memorial Park five minutes before the game and got on the field (long story but worth telling at some point).  I sat their like Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams. Were they really wrecking such a historic place? Did I just see Babe Ruth’s ghost? My Peter Pan Syndrome cannot allow me to like something new. Regardless, I watched the season with great interest, from the flailing start to a hopeful middle and now a spectacular series against the Angles (you know, they’re payroll is off the charts too). Still, could the Yanks pull it off in their new digs? I perked up a bit this year when my “man” recalled his team, The Saint Louis Cardinals, won their World Series Title in a new ballpark.

Maybe…just maybe the saying “If you build it…

I wish I were at Game One.

So, it’s with trepidation but also with hope that the Yankees dance.  I’ve been waiting a long time.