Years back, I lived across the street from SSUR.  Remember, the Spring Street block party (straight off the Bowery) was still legal and not the insanity it was circa 2005 (see snap below)? Permits ; no matter.  The cops shut it down and it’s relocated in the Old St Patrick’s Cathedral gymnasium.  You think the one resident in the old invetors buidling wants to put up with that kind of crowd.


Point here is NOT the block party but the work behind aNYthing, SSUR and now Off Bowery Productions which has done some cool stuff in the past, and now is not so cool.  Come 2009,  Aaron Bondaroff’s Off Bowery Productions teamed up with Altamont, check the site and wear here. I sit here (without coffee) and try to think of the breakup between the Range Rover driving Kiernan + A-Ron.  It helps to read this: Complex’s Blog (from 2007).”Although the beef had been broiling between trustafarian Kiernan Costello and aNYthing founder and mouthpiece A-Ron Bondaroff for months over sorted issues’ like how aggressive the company should grow once it got such widespread exposure and sales hit the million dollar mark’ sources close to the “Downtown Don’s” version of events claim it was this year’s new look book that ultimately made A-Ron walk and go so far as to start a whole new brand production company: “Off Bowery” (which btw is a horrible name, but as long as Simon is still designing, who cares right?).” -excerpt from Complex.To refresh your memory on the entire LES drama and unfoldings, check Rob Walker’s New York Times Magazine piece, Brand Underground (2006). Completely brilliant.

Regardless: I wish I purchased one of those Bowery T-Shirts; they also had great hoodies. aNYone have one for me? I’ll buy it STAT.