On this cold rainy day (pre-Hallows)… I recall Clinton Street’s amazingly bizarre + all-around fun Freakatorium (i.e., el museo loco). Of course, it shuttered in 2005 but not before my friend Nicholas and I paid the $5.00 entrance fee (steep for the times) and checked out the taxidermy, little brains, freak pictures and apparently…Sammy Davis’ glass eye.  I didn’t get down the long spiral stairs to the basement, which was roped off, and “not open to the public.” My fragile X File mind made me consider someone or something was tied up down yonder.

The New York Times wrote a great piece; here. Embedded in the text: His two-headed turtle lives downstairs in the basement with a sleepy boa constrictor. Out in the garage – forgotten – are Tom Thumb’s vest and Sammy Davis Jr.’s glass eye. “I’d love for this stuff to be in New York,” said Mr. Fox, a sinewy and black-haired man of 52. “New York needs this kind of stuff, but who supports it anymore?”

Could the truth be anymore clear? Thank you, Johnny Fox. If you want to see what Johnny Fox, the proprietor, idea man and swordswallower Johnny Fox; check him here. (image: Douglas Healey)