(Sur)prize decadence in the form of big money on Hallows Eve.

Just when i thought i missed Vice (sort of- not really) they came out in full angry hipster, blood thirsty writers and pissed off artists. CALL THAT style in Williamsburg (just when you thought that place was really out of control)Vice Mag style per their dirty-cool beer bash.  My favorite of the snaps comes in the form of Samuel L Jackson via Pulp Fiction.


The party, according to a well written article via the $250K party complete with Foster Kamer’s Gawker piece—read here.

Just mentioned Gawker excerpt: “Lots of tequila, lots of Colt 45. Now do you know whose party you’re at? Then take a deep breath. Cigarette and weed smoke clouded the air. Now you do. No wonder they didn’t pay for fog machines.

The second floor: bangers, blasting. In line with their 15th anniversary theme, almost all 90s hip-hop could’ve kept an awesome, dancy, sweaty, drunk, Blue States Lose: All-Stars crowd of costumed hipsters dancing, if not for the bands interrupting them. Jersey post-garage youngsters Titus Andronicus got screamy, seminal afropunk band Bad Brains got punky, and almost every other band was unanimously heckled in some regard. Two more bars upstairs kept the booze freely flowing. Beers were beginning to get tossed across the room. I resisted the urge. It was difficult.”


Off the wheels of my earlier post, well,  perhaps I spoke to soon.  Vice nastiness still lives; or it was just a wicked reunion.  Still, I post a prop.