Wednesday’s mark many things, a work week hump and my Friday…it might be my new favorite day.

Today, it marks the beginning of my book reviews on New York subjects and titles. Today, I’m telling you to read John Wray‘s LOWBOY (check out the great author’s site…really cool design). Not to mention, Adrian Tomine is responsible for the cover art…another dream.


Lowboy logline:  Schizophrenic teen runaway travels around New York City on the subway system looking for someone to sleep with in order to save the world.

KBD thoughts: outstanding read which includes teenage angst + uncertainty,  straight sharp dialogue and fast tounges, dark subway tunnels, subterranean vibe, downtown 6 train, strangers, Bellevue, motives, mangolia bakery cupcakes, hope, alienation, global warming, hope fades, death is certain. End of the world type stuff.  Hope all over again.

I wish I could write like Lowboy. Or any boy.

Read this book. Quickly.