image via: the new york magazine.

the greenmarket post brings me to Kevin Gray’s recent New York Magazine piece entitled Micro-Economy of Union Square.  What an interesting diagram which shows the various incomes of street artists (rappers, painters, Obama T-shirts) to Whole Foods to Union Station’s Subway fares. it’s an interesting social economics piece.

Portion of text: “What’s most unusual about the Union Square micro-economy is how much activity takes place within the park itself. This, of course, has much to do with the fact that Union Square actually is a square, and so has a higher proportion of public space than either Herald or Times Square. When the Greenmarket is open four days a week, it serves as another anchor tenant, occupying roughly a third of the park and paying the city $99,171 in annual usage fees. Farmers rent space for a daily fee of $76 per stall length. While the Greenmarket managers will not comment on farmer revenue, reporting suggests they clear $12 million annually. For a month starting after Thanksgiving, the Greenmarket is joined by the Holiday Market, which installs itself at the south end of the park and pays the city $934,637 for the privilege. It pulls in about $2.5 million for its 100 vendors.”