“My man” (old New Yorker/Old UK’er) sits here and wishes he could work on the computer all day.  I know… that’s just bollocks.

What I do know also that it’s sad to hear that Zoe Restaurant is closing. It was a Soho staple…eighteen years old with inviting open doors and windows.  I probably haven’t been in in a decade, but it brought in tourists and locals a like.  The food was good…reliable.

Dang, what is left on Prince?  Seriously…where does one eat?  Jerry’s is toast  (on the road…check Tribeca).  Now Zoe.  What’s nextFanelli’s?  That would be the LAST of the Mohicans re: the SOHO artist bars unless you want to tool down to Milady’s SOHO where you might end up throwing a punch or two.   Read this from New York Art World: In 1697 the block bounded by Prince, Spring, Mercer, and Greene Streets (on which Fanelli’s is located was deeded to Nicholas Bayard (1644-1707) by the British colonial government and became part of his farm. The English had taken over New Amsterdam from the Dutch in 1664 and renamed it New York.

Let US hope it doesn’t come to that. Pray no.