the UN from Hitchcock's "North by Northwest" image CAU faculty.

Before I left New York, I went uptown (yes…I ventured about and above 14th Street).  The United Nations (completed in 1952) where I visited with my family on my first trip to New York in the 1980’s (bad jeans shorts and bangs).  I’ve always been struck by the sleek, modern design of (Le Corbusier, Oscar Niemeyer, Sir Howard Robertson, et al. with Harrison and Abramovitz) which quietly lays along the urban East Riverfront. The inside remains the same.  Times stands still.

It’s often been the backdrop of great film scenes from The InterpreterLive and Let DieU.S. MarshalsBatman: The MovieThe Glass WallThe Second RenaissanceThe PeacemakerThirteen Days and Disney’s 1975 animated film The Rescuers. Arguably the best of these comes from Alfred Hitchcock’s North by Northwest where Cary Grant is caught in a web of mistaken identity.   A trip to the United Nations is a must.


Cary Grant exits cab infront of the UN.


Establishing shot; Cary Grant arrives inside the UN.