main dining room; cipriani downtown (photo via cipriani)

Although I tried to get my brother to write something up here, he’s busy and it’s too good to pass up.  it’s still raining here and I turn my attention to the corner of West Broadway and Broome where Downtown Cipriani resides.  Although it’s not my shtick per se, I’ve had way too many memorable meals, Bellini’s, sightings and hard to repeat moments under its spell.  One can spend hours here. The food isn’t that great for the douja…and let’s face it, you are going to drop some cash…the Bellini’s taste better when you’ve had three.  Step under the yellow awnings to reveal a surfboard in the corner (Peter Tunney, anyone?) and enjoy a people watching lunch with (always heated) outdoor (unlit) cigars. Sit at a large table inside with art(y)or those who think they are arty, know-it-all people, Euros and their modellas.  Or hang in a Halloween costume while skinny things skimp in and out.  Send me their food, not their check.  Still yet, the deer pasta with a glass of milk is divine.  So is facing Peter Beard’s photographs while enjoying a decadent downtown with lofty space.  Yes, an old Soho life that is Cipriani still insists on pumping a bit of pre-recession glamour LONG before Tommy Hilfiger invaded next door.

Love it or hate it…it’s still there. Not going anywhere soon. And, renovations are ongoing at its upstairs club.