There are a few authors who write as I wish to write.  One such writer is William Gibson whose earlier works rang true cyber Sci-Fi.  Lucky (for me), he turned into the now-ish/recent past/near future in works such as Pattern Recognition (one of my all time favorites) but for now, I will talk about Spook Country, which is somewhat in the vein of PR. I’m not as razor sharp today, I read SC  five or six months ago…still it resonates.

This fast paced piece features: bi-coastalness (LA + NY), surveillance, Union Square, former cult band singer turned investigative journalist, addictive pills, such reminders, “Secrets are the very root of cool”, Cuban Chinese criminals, ex-CIA figures. And yes, it makes me believe “the truth is out there.”

If you missed this, read it.  Nothing will evolve until you do.

And, if you haven’t read Pattern Recognition, well, read that first.  This little cheat sheet done by a cool site Not Good for Me lays out the principal character Cayce’s look. I like the look sans for the chick in the short black hair. I picture Cayce with long brown hair wrapped in a loose ponytail.

image via notgoodforme.