The City Out My Window by Matteo Pericoli

I’m a HUGE fan of Matteo Pericoli. I see my copies of Manhattan Unfurled and Manhattan Within (both great feats which make super gifts).  I purchased both my copies at The Strand. And, of COURSE, The Beastie Boys disc cover, To The Five Burroughs, on display in the media room.  Another classic (cover + album).

Behold, The City Out My Window.  Pericoli’s gone inside the City collecting views and a quote or two about that lucky resident’s particular view. 63 views. What a terrific project…and the simple black and white etchings picking up grey.  The views lack shadow but provide edge.  A few New Yorker’s include: Tom Wolfe, Tony Kushner, Nora Ephron, Stephen Colbert, Richard Meier.Hitchcock would be proud of this rear window glimpse.  We too are voyeurs. Royally.

The City Out My Window: 63 Views on New York “It’s one of New York’s most beautiful buildings, but it looks better at night... like a woman.” Mikhail Baryshnikov.