I just don’t know how I feel about them. YET.  although, I left the Big City and haven’t “popped in” and am fairly certain I don’t like them.  Too fleeting.

Pop up...and up...and away. (image: formatmag)

Perhaps they’re smart marketing tools but once they go away, it makes you feel a bit empty inside.  remember when (the now-defunct) Ted Airlines was perched over on Prince Street.  Generated some buzz. Hey, good concept and mad exposure…but hang out for say six months.  Retail Traffic Mag tells us:  “There are essentially two different types of pop-up store, says designer Pompei: Those that sell products and those that are developed by the marketing and advertising departments to generate brand recognition.” On the Gucci tip; the only downer for me here is (DJ Mark Ronson) who is designing the shoes for “Gucci Icon-Temporary”  Ergh.

Another mass culture marketing ploy right as people drops wads of cash, raining money, on those they love.  All in holiday spirit.  Once they leave, and you have spent your cash, they look empty somewhat like your funds.