I feel quite honoured that Todd allowed me to publish his work written 10 years ago.  It truly captures the essence and raw culture of the times.

Studs Terkel

Bronzed, brown boys in bulging bodies,
Top contenders for “sweet Jesus” mother-love,
Bad-assed, gin soaked, cooled out, laid back,
Lookin’ for a shady place in the mainstream maize.

Bronzed, brown beauties in painted bodies,
Promenading in high-strapped heels and snowhite smiles,
Groovin’, silk-smooth, gyratin’ mamas
Searchin’ for a little sunshine for their kids.

The yellow brick road turns brown in Harlem
Where the sun rises late, never high in the sky
Except on Sundays.
White dust kicks up easy and children cry for bread
And the great green Park divides the peace
In the Promised Land.

Reflection upon my first visit to New York…1980.
A tribute to one of my heros, Studs Terkel. New York inspired me….and changed me.

Todd Johnson– A Chicagoan at heart, now writing in his spare time in St. Louis. His most recent project is a memoir that includes recollections of addiction, recovery and his 25 year journey with HIV. Todd continues to be inspired by many writers/ poets…two of whom are his father and brother, both published authors.