Magazine subscriptions are a great gift.  And New York City has plenty to offer. The New Yorker is a must; a given. It’s for a true reader and culture fan. And, one that keeps on giving is the New York Magazine which lights my face a smile when it hits the mailbox (even as a Midwesterner I’m an issue behind)…it goes without saying, it’s a fun read.  I flip to the back of the mag first which has the most witty, Approval Matrix.

If you are cutting back on newspapers; do NOT miss the New York Times Sunday Edition; this is the best gift of all. To spend time watching the morning programs, sipping coffee or listening to jazz or classical while enjoying the perks of T Magazine and the great Times reporting.  They offer special rates to new subscribers for 16 weeks.  My new recent love is  Fast Company (online; and great twitter updates to boot) but a subscription to the trend magazine might be a winner.