This is one of those high falutin’ sites which drives me mad.  Allergies which require super Benadryl. Some of the photos in the glossy chic Purple Diary, especially those crisp black and whites are worthy.  Other snaps, especially those subjects in the Pianos/DJ world are out-dated.  Rich trustafaris, posuers and modellas living the high fueled drug, nudes and sex life are tagged and followed and photographed.  Come’on Paul Sevs at Indochine’s 25th anniversary; how old was he when it opened?  It’s a Paris/New York Diary of such (mix in a healthy blend of Taiwan, Milan and UK) and viola. Super fab glam life of once was is being sold as still is.  Even the ugly people are pretty.  Sexy ugly. Or ugly sexy. You judge. not the Purple Heart people. The PURPLE DIARY.

I’d rather listen to Black Box Recorder any day… all day. England Made Me. Yep that brilliant soft hum of Sarah Nixey, a crooning dark pop villain.  Who gets away with a lyric, “Life is unfair, kill yourself or get over it…” That is the kind of pretentious I like. Thanks, Nicky Fresh.

GUEST WRITER: Kitty Bawler is ten years a New Yorker, although travels extensively. She has been studying the trends and inner-workings of all the pretentious, black labeled culture of the downtown crowd.  She’s cynical and a bit jaded. She’s patient and doesn’t mind writing about, you know, cool people.