These days this covers about everyone.  Who isn’t cooking?  A few standouts in the cookbook arena (and pardon me for some not being on the new list…I’m still old school like that).  I’m anxious to pick up AD HOC by Thomas Keller, MOMOFUKU by David Chang and Peter Meehan is a given, A PLATTER OF FIGS and Other Recipes by David Tanis is a winner as is a vintage copy of the hippy cool (long before organic was on anyone’s radar sans the hippies) GREENE ON GREENS by Burt Greene.  If your cook has dulling knives; why not send them to get sharpened at the local place.  If they need NEW knives, as I noticed at my parents, why not pick them up a few staple SHUN knives (paring, utility, chefs, tomatoe, bread, santoku and slicer). These are the best. Clean cuts, simple presentation; you feel a bit Kill Bill-ish.

Via coffee….when I’m not using my Bodum French Press, I consider the lovely Chemex Glass Water Kettle (a brilliant wedding gift from Julie S). Canoe stocks them. The Nespresso machine ($249 and up) is also heavily utilized in the house. The Nespresso pods carry different strengths and make for a quick pick-me-up, unless you are a decaffer. Ah, the many art forms and strengths of coffee.  Sometimes, I just crave a cup of tea.

Sometimes, my Nespresso machine.