I’ve been into this organizing thing lately.  I probably have my old boss to thank for that; although it’s more clutter I need to part with. Although, clutter is sometimes artful.

 This season; I’m digging (always have actually) the Vitra Uten Silo. The red was always great.  It’s on my list.  I like the Extra Large Clips ($4) for stacking large amount of paper you can rid of yet or holding artwork. In the notebook area, I use Claire Fontaine’s colorful assortment (partially because I’m tired of Moleskin and Rhodia.  I wish they still made my Big Chief Tablets at the five and dime.  I just ordered some Muji CD Wallets, around $5.50, there is still something great about CD’s people.  I love my Pandora Radio but a girl has to still live a bit analog.  And, end of year taxing and bills, are neatly organized in my Accordion File.