Sweet and Vicious is one of those places also hard to write about or pinpoint.  However, in lieu of the recent “40 year storm” or rather the Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational will start at 8am at Waimea Bay! Yesterday there were 50 foot waves and today, well, I wish I were in Hawaii LIVE.  Still, I’m at my desk so I pretend to watch the magic.

Say what you want kids, this Turk’s bar was the Sunday Night party.

As I think about the warm, moody lighting and those round Turkish lights (many have ripped off this look), and pink lit butterflies…I can only help to think of “Sweet” as a surf bar once you step in the back garden and watch Jimmy One at his margarita station or listen to Alo spin some tales, barside.  It was one of the first places to pop up off the Bowery when nobody was coming around.  So, I dare say, pioneer to the founding Jimbo. Tip hat. The memories here are thick ; everyone in my family has dropped in. Outside, my mom thought a rat on a wire was a chipmunk (such a good, clean mind).  During the week, it’s lowkey and neighborhoodly. It’s a nice place to order a Lombardi’s pizza. The music used to trip off an old jute box, like the Spring Lounge, it’s been upgraded, still produces nice beats.

Although the surfboards are down and it’s lost some of that tiki hut vibe (compliments of the State of NY); it’s still a place to hang with large groups of friends.  Many birthdays, goodbyes and hellos (interchangeable) are had at this bar.  But, perhaps that’s just more of life’s patterns.

It’s always been chill, hip and unpretentious (sans a few invasions and moments… I won’t go there)…and I always enjoy walking in. Good seasonal stuff; inside the warmth come holidays and sip coldies in the warm, summer months.

(image by Noah Kalina)