Dig on this set by Jonthan Adler; and NOT being a fan of sets, I bought the small “Dolls” jar which sits by my bedside (range $50-250). Buy one for someone who fits that particular drug/dolls name.  That would be fun; I can think of a dozen who fit under the Quaaludes department.  Buy one : here. And OF COURSE, the Marzel Dzama Sad Ghost Light is $150 (give it a go here).

I also like the Eames Elephants (you can hit me up at DWR for that…or Vitra). They have great colours. Stocking stuffers I like (aside from a Hermes Cape Cod Watch) are little Kidrobot toys and gadgets $5-500 (the family is seen last). Most are surprise boxes; so you never know WHAT you’re gonna get.  Just like life. So…go on…pop a colour. Have fun.