Nope, I’m not talking about gift cards to Chilis or Applebees or Outback Steakhouse.  This also includes gift vouchers to Target and other wasted efforts; that customer is buying teepee and socks. I swear. I’m talking about some legit stocking stuffers.  Seriously, why not purchase a gift card where YOU KNOW your friend/family member/lover likes to  shop, spa or travel.  In fact, I think airline vouchers are brilliant for the traveller; even if only $50 card; it helps take the sting off a $350 flight.  What about a furniture gift card to DWR (I know, I’m baised but $100 bucks helps you come close to the $500 Baby Gilda light you dig or an Eames RAR Rocker and a good-looking sheepskin throw for comfort).

(gift cards makes this Eames Rocker more accessible)

What about a gift card to an art bookstore like a la Ursus Books (photo above).  The bottom line is everyone likes to pick their own gifts. Sure, it’s the thought that counts but this year don’t give the gift of that generic sweater.  Get creative. If you purchased $100 Akari gift card, your pal is coming awfully close to a nice table lamp like Model XP1. Apple cards are always winners; someone might want music or what about some cool software? YUP…give someone you know they’ll use…VOTE gift cards and vouchers. Not generic but thoughtful.