i love mail. I love writing mail and receiving mail.  Seriously, who doesn’t?
It’s a lost art form that you should consider picking up now and forever…or at least in the New Year.  I’m a big fan of postcards; save some of the paper and of course a fan of the 28 cent stamp. I dig the McSweeney’s booklet of postcards; send a book of stamps along with a card set.  Nice idea, K8.

This year, I’m on the hunt for more of a vintage postcard vibe as well as a superhero collection of good cards.  I might also hit a Hobby Lobby and work out my own stamping and/or hot wax sealant; a throw back to the Dangerous Liaisons. Egg Press has some fun picks, ditto Cheree Berry. I also hit the local bookstores and support those card makers.