Although nothing irks me more than those dressed in head-to-toe Patagonia; or couples who match ‘gonia gear. I must admit I’m a huge fan of the label; ditto Marmot. It’s freezing in the Middle West today, must be the winds off the 50 ft waves North Shore style.  You have someone in this realm; walking to work or around campus…one who likes to walk or hike.

My faves this season are Smart Wool socks (Sierra Trading Post has nice discounting and NO they don’t itch), North Face Big Poof Jackets, Patagonia Fleeces and my insanely comfy and warm Muks (always helps my lass Kate Moss dons a pair).  You can rock those Muks sans the fur (they do a fake fur).  And, at the end of your gear time, when you are home with a hot toddy, you can always pretend you rocked Mt. Everest and read the Into Thin Air by the fire (this is a fast, great read) or Touching the Void. Unless of course your initials are RPD.